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Travel. It’s our family’s love and it's one of the reasons running The Buccaneer works so well for us. We are either on the road ourselves or meeting folks who are. It gives us a great base of knowledge to help you enjoy the most of your experience away from home.

We both graduated from Penticton Secondary in 1981. Off to the University of Victoria for Dave and University of British Columbia for Marlene. After Dave lived in London, Marlene in France. We both travelled a lot. We crossed paths again in 1989. Travelled around the world and ended up in Japan for 5 years.  Each year we had 5 months holiday enabling us to travel throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Halcyon days.

Once we decided to leave Japan, we short-listed Vancouver Island and Portugal as places to move to. Our many summer trips to Vancouver Island ultimately convinced us this was the spot and Nanaimo was the town for us. A decision we've never regretted.

In 1996 we purchased the Buccaneer Motel. Trust us; we were as surprised as everyone else. But after having stayed in thousands of varied places we figured that others would enjoy the things we’d learned were essential for us to have a good stay: a spotlessly clean space; comfortable bed; well equipped kitchen to make a comforting meal; good coffee and tea and that all important fresh cream. We set out to make The Buccaneer the best motel choice in Nanaimo.


We immediately changed the business's focus. Created a new ethos. And worked towards creating a spot to welcome the kind of folks you'd like to have in your home. A place to raise a family. A place to be proud of! We began a major series of renovations which included replacing everything in our rooms and landscaping our grounds. We hired staff who really knew how to clean and to maintain our rooms to the highest standards of cleanliness; then we trained them how to clean to our even higher standards. From those days forward, we have continued to maintain, upgrade and improve The Buccaneer.


Two decades of operation has taught us that our business's sole measuring stick is in the quality of service we provide to you when you stay with us. We believe that customer service is going beyond our guests' expectations. At The Buccaneer Inn we treat everyone you like an old friend from the moment we meet you. We make every effort to make you feel welcome and at home.


We are very lucky to have a dedicated, professional group of people who work along side us to provide the accommodation we are so proud of. Many of our staff, such a Monique, have worked with us for many years.

We are fortunate to have a great team of folks working with us and hope you agree, upon meeting one or all, that they are truly representative of the friendly, welcoming experience you'll have at The Buccaneer Inn.


Thanks for having taken the time to learn more about us and our business. We look forward to welcoming you to Nanaimo and The Buccaneer and sharing a few travel stories.

Your hosts,

Dave, Marlene and Christopher

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